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APC takes its social responsibilities very seriously and supports a number of charities each year as a part of these responsibilities. We also strive to be an environmentally friendly organisation and are committed to developing ways to make APC’s impact on the environment as minimal as possible. You can read more about this in the sections below or by clicking on the links on the righthand side of this page.

APC helps the Community

Australian Pacific College contributes its support to a number of charities. In recent years we have supported the following charities:

  • Cancer Council
  • Australian Red Cross
  • UNICEF (Corporate Champion)
  • TEAR Australia (Useful Gift Catalogue)
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute (Jeans for Genes)
  • World Vision
  • Harmony Day
  • Stress Down Day
  • Cooper’s Walk for Cambodia
  • Jeans for Genes
  • Rotary Club Charity Golf Day
  • Daffodil Day
  • Rotary Club Charity Golf Day
  • CNCF Child Sponsorship (Mongolia)

APC helps the Environment

APC’s Green Vision

Australian Pacific College made the decision on 2009 to officially start changing in as many ways as possible to contribute to a better, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Forming an “APC Green Team” was the vital first step and the team has introduced significant changes to the college's recycling and waste system. We at APC recognise the importance of setting an example for our international students so that they too can continue to help the environment not only in Australia but wherever they intend to travel. Here we provide students and staff with recycled paper for printing, advise students about the disastrous effect of littering and water wastage as well as how to save energy.

APC welcomes students and staff to share individual ideas as to how we can make a difference as a unified group. Students are welcome to let the college know through our feedback box at the Student Services Office at Kent Street or by sending an email to about any ideas or initiatves they wish to share.

APC recognises that there is a way to go and that it will take time and effort. We are proud to be supporting the global need for the improvement in the education of international guests and Australian residents regarding this vital topic as well as implementing changes to be an example to others.

Our vision is to create a working and studying environment which will be conscientious, educated and proactive. APC is proud of this beautiful country and wants to contribute to its preservation through introducing and implementing green initiatives. APC overall goal is to make a positive impact on the environment today, tomorrow and in the future so that everyone can enjoy Australia’s incredible natural resources.