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10992NAT Diploma of User Experience Design

Are you a problem solver with a creative flair? Would you love to create processes that shape customer experience?

Our Diploma of User Experience (UX) Design will help you build confidence to resolve complex design problems on the job. This is an innovative and unique course that will help you become a UX Designer extraordinaire.
10992NAT Diploma of User Experience Design


User Experience (UX) Design has become No 1 required skill in the product development industry. With an increasing number of companies turning online-digital, it will quickly become one of the most desired professions in the world!


Some of the exciting job roles with this qualification are:

  • UX Designer                           
  • UX Strategist    
  • Product / Prototype Designer           
  • UX Researcher
  • Human Centred Designer
  • Freelance Designer   









Students are required to complete a minimum 120 hours in a workplace related project while studying this course.

If you wish to apply for this course please complete this Course Suitability and Enquiry Form 


Please check this page with frequently asked questions:

diploma of user experience design faq

Design and Layout Assistant

Course Structure

10992NAT Diploma of User Experience DesignCourse outline



A50200 User Experience Solutions

Conceptualise and design potential UX solutions applying the principles of UX design. You will develop the initial low-fidelity wireframes (blueprint/schematic) for a UX project.

A50201 Ideation, Innovation and Design

Understand the art of ideation and design a UX project for your personal portfolio utilising critical thinking and experimentation with high fidelity wireframes (blueprint/schematic).

A50202 Interface Design and Development

Learn to use and utilise the industry standard UX design software to build and test user interface as an innovative UX solution.

A50203 Understanding User Experience (UX)

Implement a variety of testing techniques and methods to measure usability, efficiency and functionality of your UX solutions.

A50204 Trends and Data Analysis

Analyse data from the usability testing stage to determine and understand trends, changes and possible improvements to secure successful outcomes.

A50205 Researching Storytelling and Upscaling

Conduct research to implement storytelling and narrative to your final UX solutios. Use research methods and collect data, to draw accurate conclusions, creating better UXs.

A50206 Understanding the UX Workplace

Engage in UX design work placement activities with a relevant organisation. Apply techniques learned in this course and develop effective working relationships. 

A50207 Early Adopters Freelancing

Understand the concepts of business management from a freelancer perspective, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude. Build an online personal portfolio showcasing different UX projects and tasks undertaken throughout the course.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Credit Transfer

Students may be eligible to obtain credits for individual modules as a result of experience gained in employment in the relevant business fields or from previous training or education. A fee is payable for assessing your RPL status. Students may also be eligible for credit transfer for relevant units studied at an Australian Registered Training Organisation.

Please see College Policies for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Credit Transfer Policy.

Mode of Delivery

Student visa holders: Full-time study delivered face-to-face with up to one third (⅓) online. 

Domestic students (and other visas): Full-time/part-time study options 


All APC vocational courses are assessed through a combination of assessment types that may include short answer questions, studio projects, essays, reports, group tasks, portfolios and/or presentations.

Entry Requirements


Successful completion of Australian Year 11 or equivalent.

Individuals must be proficient in the use of computer and web based technology and applications. Skills and knowledge may have been acquired through personal or work experience or formal study.

English Level Required (Overseas students only)*

(IELTS 5.5 equivalent)
Successful completion of 8 weeks of General English at Intermediate level or equivalent (plus 80% attendance) at English Unlimited or 10 weeks at other approved providers. 

Check your English level here

Course Quick Facts

Course Length

Full-time: 4 terms (approx. 1 year)

Part-time*: 8 terms (approx. 2 years)

*Part-time option only available for domestic students.

Start Dates

30 January
24 April
17 July
09 October

29 January
22 April
15 July
07 October

NOTE: Course and campus availability subject to demand. 
One term = 12 weeks (9 weeks study & 3 weeks course break. 
Please note the Christmas/New Year break is 7 weeks).

*Starting day moved to Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday


Tuition fees: 

$12,000 ($1,500 x 8 subjects)
*Fees calculated per subject. There are 2 subjects per term.

Application fee:

$150 for international students

Not applicable for domestic students

Non-tuition fees

Schedule of Administrative (Non-Tuition) Fees